Learn how to create a blog post outline easily

Blog Post Outline: Meaning, Usage, Parts, and Steps to Make

Are you a blog owner who wants to ensure your posts are well-organized and informative? Or maybe you’re a marketer who needs to deliver high-quality content to your clients. Either way, creating a detailed blog post outline is the first step to writing a successful one.

Luckily, outlining a blog post is not as difficult as it may seem. Once you get the hang of it, you can create quality blog post outlines quickly. In this article, we’ll discuss the meaning of a blog post outline, its usage, parts, and steps to make it.

What is a blog post outline?

A blog post outline is the skeleton of your article. It includes the title, headings, and points you want to discuss. Think of it as the foundation on which you’ll build your blog post.

The outline can save you time in the long run. It helps you to focus on the main points of your article and plan out the structure of your piece before you begin writing. This way, you won’t have to stop and think about what you want to say next or how to transition between topics. Not all bloggers use an outline when they write, but it can be a helpful tool. It helps you organize your thoughts and ensures you don’t forget any important points.

There is no set word count for a blog outline. It will depend on the length of your article and the complexity of the topic. A shorter blog post might only need a few main points, while a longer article might require a more comprehensive outline.

Steps to make a blog post outline

Step 1: Title

Name and describe the blog post work title.

For example:

  • Blog post title: What is working inside of Virtual Reality like?
  • Blog post description: This guide will provide insights into the unique aspects of working with a VR headset.

Step 2: Subheadings of the body

Write the main headers, subheaders and points in a list. When you’re creating your outline, be sure to organize your points in a logical order. This will make it easier for you to write your article and for readers to follow along.

For example:


  1. What is working in VR
  2. Problems with working with VR
  3. Benefits of working in VR
  4. Accessibility and ease of use
  5. Addressing social challenges and solutions
  6. Future of working in VR

Tips for writing a blog post outline

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of what a blog post outline is and why you should use one let’s discuss some tips for writing a successful outline.

  • Use the right blog post outline template: There are several blog post outline templates available online, for example, listicles, or how-to guides. Choose one that will work best for the type of article you’re writing.
  • Keep it simple. During your writing process, your outline doesn’t need to be overly complicated. Just list out the key points you want to make in your article.
  • Be flexible. Don’t be afraid to change your outline as you’re writing. If you need to add or remove points, make the changes.
  • Get creative. There’s no wrong way to create an outline. So, be creative and experiment with different formats.

Reasons you should create a blog outline

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of what a blog post outline is let’s discuss some reasons why you should create one before you start writing your article.

  • Organization: This is the most obvious reason to create a blog outline. By having a general idea of what you want to write about before you start, you can keep your thoughts organized and avoid going off on tangents.
  • Efficiency: An outline can help you write your blog post faster. Since you won’t have to stop and think about what you want to say next, the words will flow more easily.
  • Quality: A well-written blog post outline can cause a higher-quality article. By taking the time to plan out your thoughts, you’ll be able to produce a more cohesive and well-written piece.
  • Helps You Stay Focused: Another benefit of creating an outline is that it can help you stay focused. When you know what points you want to make, it’s easier to stay on track and avoid going off on tangents. This is especially helpful if you’re prone to getting sidetracked when you write.
  • It Makes Editing Easier: If you create an outline before you write, it will be much easier to edit your article later on. This is because you’ll already have a clear structure in place. You can simply go through and change the points you want to make without worrying about reorganizing your entire article.

The Power of Blog Post Outlines

In conclusion, creating a detailed blog post outline is a valuable step for anyone who wants to write high-quality content. It helps you organize your thoughts, stay on track, and produce a more cohesive and well-written article. If you’re new to outlining, start with a simple template and gradually add more complexity as you become more comfortable with the process. Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to outlining, so feel free to experiment with different formats and find what works best for you.

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